Nassau Snorkeling

A trip to the Bahamas isn't complete without experiencing the thrill of snorkeling. Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, is home to some of the greatest snorkeling sites in the world. There are a wide variety of Nassau snorkeling tours that take full advantage of all the city has to offer. You can swim down to the coral reefs, the ocean water lapping at your body, as scores of reef fish brush by the soles of your feet. The brightly colored corals will delight your eyes as you gaze into the limitless ocean. Each and every one of Nassau snorkeling sites delivers an excursion not all that different from the one just detailed, and provide experiences that you will never forget.

There are four snorkeling locations, in particular, that are among the best in Nassau. The Goulding Cay Reefs, located just off New Providence island, are teaming with tons of tropical colored fish and picturesque elkhorn coral. The waters are peaceful and serene, providing the perfect backdrop for a visit to the Reefs. The Rose Island Reefs is another location that provides an exhilarating experience. The clear turquoise waters are filled to the brim with many species of fish and a beautiful reef, which is perfect for those not accustomed to diving too deep. It is also home to the wreck of the Alcora, a freighter sunk by the local government in 1983.

Nassau Snorkeling

  • Seahorse Sail and Snorkel Adventure

    Seahorse Sail and Snorkel Adventure

    Ride aboard one of our amazing and spacious catamaran boats to reach the vibrant and thriving coral reef. Once at the coral reef, experience the wonders of the underwater world via snorkeling.

    • 9:00 AM1:00 PM
    • Adults $ 6000 Child (11 & Under) $ 3000

    Best Price

    $ 6000
  • Stuart Cove Bahamas Snorkel Adventure

    Stuart Cove Bahamas Snorkel Adventure

    Enjoy an excitement-filled snorkeling adventure in Nassau Bahamas. Snorkel some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean. Our experienced staff will ensure that you will enjoy a fun, safe and amazing expedition.

    • 9:30 AM1:30 PM
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    Best Price

    $ 7500
  • Bahamas Paradise Ocean Snorkel

    Bahamas Paradise Ocean Snorkel

    This fantastic snorkeling trip is sure to be the best bet for island visitors looking to get in some great snorkeling, eat some down home Bahamian fare, and relax while soaking in the rays on a private beach.

    • 12:00 PM
    • Adults $ 6500 Child (15 & Under) $ 5000

    Best Price

    $ 6500
  • Bahamas Paradise Ocean Do-It-All Package

    Bahamas Paradise Ocean Do-It-All Package

    So many things to do and so little time on your vacation? Then join us on our Paradise Ocean Do-It-All Package and enjoy a whole range of fun and exciting water activities during only one tour. We have something for everyone!

    • 12:00 PM
    • Adults $ 18000 Child (Under 15) $ 15000

    Best Price

    $ 18000
  • Barefoot Sailing Half Day Sail and Snorkel

    Barefoot Sailing Half Day Sail and Snorkel

    Enjoy three and one quarter hours of sailing and snorkeling fun! Spend about an hour and one quarter snorkeling - at an amazing coral garden brimming with a plethora of colorful fish in a maximum water depth of about twelve feet.

    • 9:00 AM1:00 PM
    • Adults $ 9000 Child (11 & Under) $ 7500

    Best Price

    $ 9000
  • Barefoot Sailing All Day Island Cruise

    Barefoot Sailing All Day Island Cruise

    On this highly recommended six-hour adventure, you will get to sail on the open waters of the Bahamas, snorkel among the reef, play on the sand of a remote island and eat our delicious BBQ lunch.

    • 10:00 AM
    • Adults $ 14000 Child (11 & Under) $ 11500

    Best Price

    $ 14000
  • Bahamas Adventure Snorkel

    Bahamas Adventure Snorkel

    The adventure begins aboard our sleek and stylish double-deck catamaran, the M/V Blue Manta. Island music plays as you cruise over crystal clear waters through the Nassau harbour, heading to our amazing snorkeling reefs.

    • 8:30 AM11:30 AM
    • Adults $ 4500 Child (8 - 11) $ 3500

    Best Price

    $ 4500
  • Bahamas Booze Cruise and Snorkel

    Bahamas Booze Cruise and Snorkel

    The Bahamas Booze Cruise and Snorkel offers the perfect combination of fun and sun. Drink cocktails and dance to the Caribbean rhythms, or swim and snorkel in the warm tropical waters. Beach time and lunch included!

    • 1:00 PM
    • Adults $ 8000 Child (10 & Under) $ 6000

    Best Price

    $ 8000
  • Exumas Powerboat Adventure

    Exumas Powerboat Adventure

    Climb aboard our high speed powerboat for the most exhilarating voyage of your life. In the Exumas, you will view coral gardens as you snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, and feed wild stingrays, sharks and iguanas.

    • 9:00 AM
    • Adults $ 19900 Child (11 & Under) $ 14000

    Best Price

    $ 19900
  • Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day

    Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day

    Spend an unforgettable day with your friends and family in one of the most remote and untouched islands in the Bahamas. The world famous Blue Lagoon Island is the ideal place to get away from it all and relax in the warm Bahamian sun and enjoying the crystal clear waters.

    • 8:30 AM10:30 AM
    • Adult $ 5900 Child (4 - 12) $ 4200

    Best Price

    $ 5900